Scenes from Norooz 2012

The first day of spring marks the celebration of the Persian New Year – called Norooz – which literally means “new day” and is pronounced as “no rues”.

Doesn’t it seem fitting to start a new year at the very moment when winter ends and spring begins? Such a pretty and hopeful time of year – what with the slumber of winter ending and the awakening of critters and sprouting of blossoms and greens.

I would love to wax poetic about the traditions…

… and the yummy food associated with the Persian new year festivities …

… but by the time of this debut post, 13-bedar is already past and Norooz is officially over so it seems anticlimactic to go on about it at length.

We had such a sweet time celebrating it this year though that I couldn’t resist sharing some of our Norooz pictures with you.

The next post will be a recipe for Koofteh (stuffed Persian meatballs) that you’ll enjoy making and eating – so don’t miss it.

Until then: thanks for visiting & happy spring everyone!


14 thoughts on “Scenes from Norooz 2012

    • Thank you! No those are egg holders and I thought I’d use them to grow the wheat grass and it came out pretty cute and goofy.

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