Paloodeh Talebi | Persian Cantaloupe Cooler

E. E. Cummings wrote that “kisses are a better fate than wisdom” (isn’t that beautiful?) and I’m here to tell you that sipping a paloodeh talebi  is a better fate than not having one to sip.

Paloodeh Talebi (let’s call it a cantaloupe-cooler) is a refreshing summer drink that is spectacularly wholesome and very easy to make.  You just take a chilled cantaloupe, grate it, add a hint of rosewater, jazz it up with a little bit of fresh lemon juice, and sweeten the whole lot with just a tad bit of sugar or honey.  Drink it straight-up or mix it in with some crushed ice.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Thoughtfully sip with a straw, or gingerly spoon-feed yourself; and marvel at this fate of yours better than wisdom.


  • 2-3 chilled cantaloupe wedges
  • a hint of rosewater
  • fresh lemon juice to taste
  • honey or sugar to taste


Once cantaloupe is chilled, cut out wedges.  Grate into a bowl – using the large blades of the grater to get thick, stubby strands.   You should end up with a pulpy/strandy cantaloupe soup. (If you don’t want any pulp, no worries, either use the smallest blades of the grater or forego grating entirely and blend cantaloupe with several cubes of ice in a blender.)

Add a hint of rosewater to the cantaloupe soup.  Rosewater is a delightful ingredient true to its name but it is also a dominating one so use sparingly.  Jazz up the flavor by adding 1 tablespoon or more of fresh lemon juice – this step is not traditional; we like it, but it is optional.  Mix with a wooden spoon.  Sweeten to taste with honey or lemon, sparingly, so as to allow the natural flavor of the cantaloupe to shine through.


Pour into a drinking glass or an ice cream serving bowl and garnish with fresh mint or very thinly sliced wedge of lemon.  Add some ice cubes if you like.  Drink up!

Alternative:  after grating the cantaloupe, mix in with a cup of ice in the blender to make a slushy.  It is really good and super-refreshing this way, but you will have to drink it quickly before the ice melts and dilutes the drink.

Make it, enjoy it, and noosheh jaan!


18 thoughts on “Paloodeh Talebi | Persian Cantaloupe Cooler

    • Oh that’s great! Hopefully you’ll have something heartier to go along with it or else it’ll be way too light of a meal. 🙂 Don’t forget to be thoughtful and gingerly, ha!

      • woo hoo! so HAPPY to hear it. Persians do love their rosewater – and add it to many unexpected things with mostly delightful results.

      • Same here, it was an acquired taste and I still really like just a hint (& not a liberal dousing) of its goodness. Curious by the way: has Persian cuisine ever affected how you make Irish food, or vice versa?

      • Actually there is a breakfast potato recipe I make and since I discovered tomato paste mixed with water as a started I now add that to help the potatoes cook down. Sort of a Persian Version O’Brien potatoes. 🙂 But I haven’t done anything crazy like saffron cabbage :0

      • Oh that is so funny! I like the sound of Persian O’Brien, ha ha, but saffron cabbage sounds … like it’d be an acquired taste. But lol, you should really do a hyprid Irish/Iranian recipe sometime. Please???

      • That sounds pretty yummy actually. Times like this, I wish we food bloggers could share not just the recipes but have tastings as well. You should post about it if you make it!

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