Mistakes: They Were Made

Those of you who subscribe to Fig & Quince just received a jumble mumble full of stumble draft that was not meant to go live but alas, we suffered from a case of premature publication. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. As Iranians say: akh, akh, AKH! As the French so aptly say: merde alors!

Ah well, please try to ignore it and the real post should be up sometime soon, once we regain composure after faux-pas. That is to say: it could take awhile! Ha!

Till later doostan.


8 thoughts on “Mistakes: They Were Made

    • Thank you dear Fae. So you know how I feel! Looks like it’s happened to a lot of people. WordPress: are you listening? We need a safe drafting method!

    • So many WP bloggers have said same thing. I contacted them asking if they’d considered placing a safeguard to avoid such mishaps and although WP is aware of the prevalent problem and acknowledges that a “Are you sure you want to publish this?” prompt would prevent the problem – for some reason they are loathe to implement it. …. What can you do?

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