Sweet Basil, Muffins, Moosh & … Weiner!


I had a different post planned for today but it’ll just have to wait, because, I mean, look at this bunch of glorious sweet basil, thyme and mint!  I don’t know whether to look at it or eat it and I long to do both. A thing of beauty! I was given it by Suzanne – who had just picked them fresh from her garden, rinsed them, and then handed them to me tied up in a lovely bouquet rivaling what one might find at an artisanal flower shop. Just one of the many perks of having such a lovely neighbor. I have to tell you that the absolute pleasure of the surprise receipt of this luscious fragrant bunch of fresh garden-grown herbs was one of the purest delights of this weekend. A further delight to come is the fresh herb salad I’m planning on for dinner. Perfect for a hot summer night. Oh my tummy tum: wait till you see! Thank you Suzanne!

It pretty much kills me to be succinct, so, as long as I’m up here, I’m thinking why not share some other snapshots of this weekend as well:

1Fig-Quince-Persian-food-blog-Iranian-food-blog-cuisine-recipes-stories-FUN-pictures-snapshotThere may have been some coloring outside the lines.

2Fig-Quince-Persian-food-blog-Iranian-food-blog-cuisine-recipes-stories-FUN-pictures-snapshotThere definitely were batches and batches of banana chocolate chip mini muffins made to mark the half-birthday of a certain someone whose actual birthday I’d missed. A certain someone who literally “GOBBLED UP” a couple of the muffins until restrained.


3Fig-Quince-Persian-food-blog-Iranian-food-blog-cuisine-recipes-stories-FUN-pictures-snapshotMy sweet potato officially turned into a mouse. I now call him Moosh. I wrote a “poem” inspired by this metamorphosis. Will share it once I’ve turned it into an animated GIf.

4Fig-Quince-Persian-food-blog-Iranian-food-blog-cuisine-recipes-stories-FUN-pictures-snapshotMoosh has a friend who has sprouted horns and has thus come to be known as Monster. Monster has a heart of gold. He is rarely hungry but usually quite sleepy.

0Fig-Quince-Persian-food-blog-Iranian-food-blog-cuisine-recipes-stories-FUN-pictures-snapshotMoosh and Monster mostly just hang out quietly but sometimes engage in heated debates.

For example, Moosh thinks it’s unbelievable that Anthony Weiner, the supreme jerk who literally exposed his weiner, is actually running for mayor of New York City. “It turns my stomach to think that a bozo like him might possibly be the mayor of our awesome city.” Monster meanwhile thinks: “Who gives a rat about politics.” Monster says: “Who cares. Weiner didn’t break any laws. None of it matter anyhow. They are all the same.”

They get entangled in an argument.


6Fig-Quince-Persian-food-blog-Iranian-food-blog-cuisine-recipes-stories-FUN-pictures-snapshotThings get a bit dicey, too close for comfort.  There may be kerfuffles. Then they regroup and say: “Let’s not talk about politics.”


Soon they settle back into their friendly and comfortable silence. Monster takes a nap while Moosh quietly worries.

Veggies copyThe End

ps Thank you Suzanne for the truly lovely gift of fresh herbs. Love love LOVE!

pps Moosh and Monster are entirely fictitious characters.  Any resemblance to real sweet potatoes, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

ppps This post is simultaneously published on my other blog:  7Legs

Also, I’d like to note that:

The Muslim holy month of fasting commences tomorrow. Happy Ramadan & Ramadan Mobarak to all observers.



37 thoughts on “Sweet Basil, Muffins, Moosh & … Weiner!

      • D’you know Azita, that a mouse is called ‘mooshika’ in Sanskrit! There are so many similarities between languages….it’s uncanny.

      • No I didn’t but I’m seriously happy that you told me, I love words and languages and the connections between various languages.

        Mooshika sounds like a very very cute (& somewhat Russian) nickname for a Moosh! Adorable!

    • Agreed, he’s frighteningly life-like! The funniest/creepiest thing is that he grew eyes in the exact spot where he would have them if he were real!!! SPOOKY!

    • Thank you! Oh I’m totally not going to eat these potatoes, that ship sailed months ago. I bought them in the fall to give you an idea, ha ha, but then they ended up as still-life decoration.

      I AM neighbors with Suzanne! Practically within spitting distance although I’m sure we would never test that out, ha ha. We met via our blogs and she helped me find this place shortly after I returned to NY. A great neighbor in more ways than one.

    • Your choko has a very poetic almost lyrical sprout! I think a playdate would be fun for us at least if not for the pet veggies 😉 Love it!

  1. Gorgeous-looking herbs – lucky you having Suzanne as a neighbour and I love your Moosh and Monster tale… I’m on a real sweet potato kick at the moment but haven’t found such endearing shapes.

  2. I saw the photo and thought those herbs looked familiar, so glad you like them. Thank you for the delicious muffins, I ate them right away and enjoyed every bite. Thank you for stopping by with adorable Felix. Your sweet potato mouse is so funny. I love Moosh and Monster. You have the most vivid imagination and never fail to entertain. Want some hydrangea too?

    • It was mine and his pleasure! I’m so glad you like Moosh and Monster! 🙂

      Would I want some hydrangea? Boy, would I! They are my second most favorite flower. Would love some, just give a holler I’ll drop by. Yay! Thank you!!!

  3. Will you just stop playing with your food!

    BTW Sweet Potato is called Kumara in New Zealand. It was brought there from semi-mythical Hawaiiki (sic) by the first Maori immigrant seafarers aboard the original seven canoes (semi mythical again) and is still a staple to both Maori and Pakeha in that country.

    I always like food with a story to tell, as does our generous web host, Azita.

    • How interesting! I had no idea sweet potato had this kind of depth of heritage.

      Ross: I can not stop playing with my food! I need help!

  4. Oh, I love your posts Azita! I’ve missed reading them (I have gotten so behind on my blog reading.. life has been a bit crazy as of late). Thanks for introducing us to Moosh! Gorgeous! Haha… now I want to grow my own sweet potato mouse 🙂 I love your photos of the weekend. Hugs to you beautiful! xx

  5. Moosh is adorable and you are a great storyteller. I didn’t realize that you and Suzanne were neighbors (I follow her blog too). Brooklyn is getting more and more attractive! 🙂

    • Brooklyn is cool! Wanna come visit Francesca? I know many doors will be enthusiastically flung open by the promise of your arrival. Please come!

    • Awww, thank you Rabbit! I’m so in love with your work. Moosh and Monster *are* cute. I can say that freely – without it seeming like I’m bragging – since they are not related to me. ; )

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