Somewhere in Iran …

Doves in front of a blue domed mosque are fed dooneh.  Tabriz | Iran

Doves in front of a blue domed mosque are fed dooneh. (Tabriz | Iran)

Saffron is harvested.  Khorasan | Iran

Saffron is harvested. (Khorasan | Iran)

Someone weaves a carpet.  Isfahan | Iran

Someone weaves a carpet. (Isfahan | Iran)   Photo Credit: The Atlantic

Someone watches the sun set.  Tehran | Iran  (Photo Credit:  Niall Doherty]

Someone watches the sun set. (Tehran | Iran)  Photo Credit: Niall Doherty]

Cyrus the Great rests.  Pasargade, Shiraz |Iran

Cyrus the Great rests. (Pasargad, Shiraz | Iran)




Note: The photographs (none are mine) are credited & linked back to the source, except where it was not possible to identify the copyright-holder.


24 thoughts on “Somewhere in Iran …

    • thank you! the pangs I feel when blogging about it makes me determined that I’m long due for a visit back to the ol’ homeland

  1. Beautiful! Haha, I was just about to complement your stunning photography skills until I saw the disclaimer. Still, thanks for putting the collection together to share with us. I think the saffron one is my favorite. The angle, the vibrancy of the color and focus are amazing.

    • It is a gorgeous photo (I’d never seen saffron flowers before, they’re so pretty!) and the photo’s all over the Internet – and I’m sorry that I have no idea whose work it is! Whoever took it, as we say in Farsi: “damesh garm!)

    • dear Tina, thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comment. Really appreciate it. Can’t take credit for the beautiful pix but can definitely agree that they are truly beautiful. I don’t want to jinx it, but I do intend to go for a visit sometime soon. I’m just entirely too homesick, and it’s been way too long, and there’s no other way around it. Thank you for your well wishes, hope it comes true.

    • No you were right to begin with, I think this pic just shows how they have to pick the flowers in order do harvest the … pistils and stamens … those sound about right, I’ll take your word for it : )

    • Dear Lou,let’s put it this way: it’s a holiday weekend but I’m behind a computer working on a design assignment! But no complaints, I love this work. AND, ate some delicious Persian rice last night with some of my favorite people, so all’s good. 🙂 Je t’en pris re the photos and je t’envois des bious aussi & forgive the rusty francaise xo Azita

  2. A lovely post I am sure makes you homesick. Every photographs you chose is so gorgeous and really makes me realize how wonderful Iran truly is with culture and beauty. I love the carpet weaver! I own one (small) persian carpet and I sit and stare at it’s beauty, studying the imperfect pattern, which is stunningly beautiful.

    • a small Persian carpet in a tiny white cottage … offering viewing pleasure to a delightful person and food blogger … sounds perfect! : )

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