Not a Swan Song

1-Illustration Ballerina timer pistachios drawingYou know how ballerinas are known to have horribly disfigured feet? Corns, blisters, calluses, deformed toes — feet battered by the practice of an ethereal art that is also a punishingly rigorous sport.

Running a blog on a regular basis is a little like being a ballerina. All you want to display to the world is a beautiful, expressive dance, seemingly effortless, and yet, there are those mangled feet tucked inside the pretty ribboned ballet shoes even as you twirl twirl pirouet and hope that you land gracefully on your toes.

Blogging is a performance, and there’s more than meets the eye, which does not make it an act of artifice or deception, merely … a performance. And there comes a time when you’ve gotta take a break and message and knead your ugly, painfully throbbing feet, so that you can perform with your heart and soul instead of just going through the motion.

And that, my friends, is my trademarked long-winded-dancing-around-the-issue way of saying that I need a break from blogging and Fig & Quince is going on a two week hiatus. Maybe shorter. Hopefully not longer.

I have to confess that I already played hookey this Saturday by going to the DUMBO Arts Festival instead of cooking up a storm for blog posts as I’d originally planned. Regrets, I have a few, and not too few to mention, but that decision – taking a break and soaking up the light, views, art, and life in one of my favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods – is not one of them. Recommend the practice to other freelance slaves!

DUMBO Arts Festival 2013

The plan is to be back recharged and fully-loaded with recipes for: quince jam (Persian style); quince tas kabob (a personal favorite dish of mine that is simply amazing); Persian pickles; an indulgent personal announcement; a Persian Wedding post; and hopefully a tadig how-to post, and some fun stories.

Meanwhile, if you need to get your Persian-food fix on, and who can blame you if that is the case, please gracefully tiptoe over to any or all of these stellar Persian food blogs:Β  Turmeric & Saffron, Pomegranate Diaries, Cafe Leilee, Ahu Eats and Fae’s Twist and Tango.

2 - prima ballerina and ballerinas swan lake scene illustration drawing

Till SOON!


30 thoughts on “Not a Swan Song

  1. I completely understand. I went from blogging every other day to blogging……once in a while when I thought I had something interesting enough to talk about. Have a great blog-break

  2. That sounds like a lovely idea. Enjoy your break! Blogging should always make you happy and not feel like a chore πŸ™‚ I hope the break time will help kindle your inspiration again!

  3. Azita,
    Very gracefully expressed, just like a ballerina.
    Reminds me of those epic lyrics: “my make up may be flaking, but my smile… still stays on”! πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy your blogging vacation and see you back online soon!

  4. Immersing yourself in other worthwhile activities and experiences is a wonderful (and healthy) thing to do! Those feet may be covered with bunions and blisters, but the shoes will slip back on like Cinderella’s when you choose to… M πŸ™‚

  5. Azita, I am so glad that you have made the decision to take a break. I definitely agree, blogging can become all-consuming if it’s not in the right balance with the rest of life. I hope that you have a beautifully refreshing time away from the blogosphere. We love all that you do, you are such an inspiration… but any commitment to blogging needs to be for YOU, as something that edifies, inspires and brings you enjoyment. Lots of love, hope that you feel back in ‘the zone’ soon xx

  6. Blogging is hard work. And you most definitely deserve a break. I’ve scaled back a bit lately due to too many commitments and some friends being in town but hopefully can resume 3-4 posts a week. But yes, it is a performance. So often do I wish the photos would take themselves and posts write themselves. I feel like I can no longer cook for the sake of cooking, but need to remember to record and document everything. Enjoy your break, take longer if you need. We’ll all be here waiting πŸ™‚

  7. I like your analogy. You should enjoy your life. While blogging is kind of a job, your life is your life! You love cooking and creating so do it when you can. Set your own schedule. We’ll be here because we love what you do!

  8. Azita, totally understand. As you can see all of us devoted fans will gladly wait 2 weeks (and longer) for you when you’re ready to come back! I myself am just getting back to it after a 3 month hiatus. Sometimes life gets in the way! Hope to meet you soon.

  9. I know the feeling! I took an unplanned 4 week hiatus a month ago. Unplanned as in I just didn’t have any enthusiasm to cook or bake, and one week turned into the next. The good thing is that since my enthusiams came back again, I now seem to have more of it. Hope you’ll relax during your hiatus and make the most of your blog vacation!

  10. Beautifully stated with pretty art works to go with it (do the pistachios have any meaning?).
    I’m back from my break/trip, but not fully ready to start posting. I have been catching up for the last few days… I am now up-to-date with your blog.
    About the break, ‘man ke fe’ellan poshtam ab khordeh va tambal shodam’. 😦 Sometimes, after the break we need another recuperating period from it too. 😦 I hope you have some fun stuff planned to also add the recuperating period too! πŸ˜€ )))

    • I hear you. Tambali can become addictive. It is like that law of physics … objects not moving remain inert, ha ha. I was getting too used to my blogging vacation but made a push and should be back in “business” soon! πŸ˜‰ I’m so happy you’re back from your trip and can not wait to see what you’ll have up your artful sleeves once you start posting. Always always always: it is a treat to hear from you! xo a

  11. I totally get where you’re coming from – I was saying this to someone yesterday… Regenerate your beautiful and creative writing skills and come back soon. By the way, I am in proud possession of two feet exactly as you describe.

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