Dartstrip | It’s Magnetic!

1 b dartstrip fig quince photo2 b dartstrip fig quince photo 3 b dartstrip fig quince photo

Baba joon using Dartstrip to pic of grandkids

Baba joon snapping a 1″ piece of Dartstrip to put up a pic of the grandkids

The photo series above shows my dear father snapping off a one inch piece of Dartstrip to put up a cute pic of the grandkids on the wall. What is Dartstrip, you ask? Why, it’s a wonderful, patented product (a cross between a scotch tape and a bulletin board, made of snappable steel backed with removable adhesive) that solves the dilemma of displaying artwork and photographs without having to worry about putting a hole in the wall or peeling the paint.

On the one hand, I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled programming and begging your indulgence to blog about this product because my sister, my bro-in-law (remember his no-knead-bread?) & their biz partner are the team behind Dartstrip, and thus I am beaming with pride and I want to support their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring Dartstrip to the market.

On the other hand (the one that’s doing the jazz hands!) I’m blogging about this solely for excitedly selfish reasons, because I want and need something like this product that lets me put up and rotate images at a whim and to my heart’s content (on any kind of wall surface and with zero nagging concerns of damaging the said well) in my life … like, stat. So I’d love for their project to make a go of it.

Please check out their adorable video (with more cameos of my dad and behind the scenes peek at the team with juggling and dancing if you watch it to the end) which charmingly demos the product and consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign.






Thank you guys & a lovely weekend to all!


48 thoughts on “Dartstrip | It’s Magnetic!

      • Great! By the way, your father looks like the sweetest man on earth, I love the music the pick for the ad and the boy with the Persian traits in it is crazy gorgeous. Sorry! Maybe inappropriate but when I see something beautiful I can’t help it but comment!!! 😉

      • he IS the sweetest Fransesca! The crazy gorgeous guy is not Persian … don’t know him but agree he is GOOD.LOOKING! No harm in commenting on beautiful things 😉 xo

  1. What a clever idea.Who wouldn’t have a use for some thing so practical, hassle free, easy, and most importantly clean as this product? I know I want it and I want it now. + Supporting a hamshahri is always a must and one of my priorities. Good luck.
    ps: the add is SOOOOOO great and nails the purpose.
    loved it.

    • Yay, happy to get your vote of confidence Angie!

      One round-about-way of pre ordering is to pledge on their Kickstarter. Looks like their early bird $20 pledges are all gone but for a $25 pledge they will ship one 1 a ($30 estimated retail value)Dartstrip tin (8 feet of strip + 16 magnets) (& free shipping in the U.S. , estimated delivery of January 2014. which one will be charged for IF they raise their funding goals.

      Hope this makes sense!

    • Mersi Fae joon, khayli mah hastid! Thank you! Va baleh, felfeli yek dadash koochooloo dareh keh onham kahyli banamak hast. yum yummy hastand! 🙂

  2. Francesca from Floras Table brought me to you. Congratulation and all the best for this amazing and great product! Your father looks like the kindest grandfather one can think of.
    Best regards

  3. hi everyone – this is azadeh, azita’s sister. thanks to you all and to azita’s wonderful post we were able to reach our funding goal with time to spare! thanks to my sis and to you for your lovely, encouraging comments. can’t wait to share dartstrip with you all! xx

  4. Fantastic idea team!!! Wow, I can’t wait for dartstrips to be on the market! We live in a rented apartment so the idea is perfect for compact spaces where the wall can’t be marked…. and YES, I agree that you guys are a talented family Azita! Woop! I will check out the kickstarter page now xx

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