Azul’s Sunflower-Seed Hummus

Lovely Azul holding a bowl of her delicious sunflower seed hummus.

Azul holding a bowl of her delicious sunflower seed hummus

Azul (the beautiful lady in the photograph) was one of the guests at my sister & brother-in-law’s Thanksgiving potluck party that I just posted about. Azul hails from Argentina and she is a software programmer and an artist and she likes to cook and she is very, very nice. It was a case of instant “like” when I met her at the party, and also an instant case of “yum” when I tasted the delicious sunflower seed hummus she had made for the potluck. I loved the taste (nutty & round, a bit peanut-buttery in flavor) and texture (creamy and grainy) of this hummus and while it was served as a dip I can easily imagine it also as a wonderful sandwich spread or even a relish.  The good news is that the recipe for sunflower seed hummus recipe is beautifully healthy and simple and Azul is graciously sharing it below as a short and sweet guest-blogger post. Further good news: she has promised a guest post about a Persianized version of an Argentine dish down the road. It’s safe to say that I can not wait! Meanwhile, without further ado, let’s dip into this delicious guest post in Azul’s own words:

Hi everyone!

I learned to make this dip in Nono, Córdoba Province, in Argentina when my violinist friend Marcos invited me to a gathering to meet a group of wonderful people who were also living part of the year in this beautiful location. One thing we all had in common was that we all had lived in different places; loved the arts, music and dance; were interested in eating healthy; and most importantly, our common interest in doing something daily to appreciate nature and life as a way of living and a simple philosophy.

Overlooking the landscape through the kitchen windows I learned how sunflower seeds could become a wonderful hummus bringing the natural oil of the seeds for a smooth texture.

Here is how:

  • In a dry skillet toast lightly the sunflower seeds over medium heat, stirring almost constantly until very light golden-brown.
  • Combine the sunflower seeds and half a teaspoon of sea salt in a blender or food processor.
  • Blend for about two minutes on low until thoroughly mixed.
  • Add a few leafs of greens. These can be basil, parsley, wild arugula, spinach, or any greens that you would like — and add a tablespoon of water
  • Blend for about two minutes and add water as needed to get a smooth texture.



Thank you Azul for this great, simple, healthy recipe with an enchanting history! You guys, be sure to check out Azul’s photographs of the art retreat near Nono and at Los Algarrobos, in the Córdoba Province, Argentina, where this recipe was passed on, and also her artist website.

Back to the recipe: I know I’ll be making a big batch at first opportunity. I tend to enjoy things a little bit on the salty side, so the only revision I’d personally make would be to add a bit more salt. I’d also love to see how it fares mixed in with some dried cranberries. I like that the recipe is versatile enough to add various types of green as well (would love to try it with kale) and I bet it’ll adapt itself well to further improvisation. In any event, I do recommend this recipe heartily!

Thank you again Azul jan!





46 thoughts on “Azul’s Sunflower-Seed Hummus

  1. Wow what a beautiful recipe and sweet story to go with it. So much of what makes food great is how the recipes travel and the people with which they travel.

  2. Hi, One missing detail for the sunflower-seed hummus: The amount of sunflower seeds isn’t specified.

    Many thanks, Racheli.

  3. Really good to view some multimedia, even if it’s better in actuality. It’s very seldom they cross into a 2-dimensional form like websites. Still, it’s all inspiring. And I need that right now 🙂

    And what an added bonus! The houmous sounds great.

  4. Thank you & Azoul for sharing this delicious recipe with every one. I can’t wait to make it too.Argentina is a beautiful country with beautiful culture & cuisine, hope we all would be lucky to see more of her recipes.

    • Totally random, but last night I had a dream where I met someone who said she was “Gather and Graze” and I hugged her and said awww, can’t believe we’re meeting in person finally. SO WEIRD! You and your blog have obviously totally penetrated my subconscious mind! 😉

  5. I love Azul’s hair. She is beautiful indeed.
    The recipe is simple, straightforward and healthy. I love it. I have to try it. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes!

  6. What a gorgeously simple and delicious dip/spread! I’ve never thought to use sunflower seeds in hummus but I’m definitely going to give this a try over the holiday season. So healthy too, no added oil or any other fats. Yum, thanks Azul and Azita! x

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