Persian Sweets for You + Your Sweet | Valentine’s Day Recipes

Typical Persian spices and ingredients  saffron cardamom pods nigella seeds dried mint white rice grains turmeric berberries shaped in the form of hearts on brown paper sufrace | by Fig & Quince (Persian food blog)

Heartfelt Tableau of Typical Persian Spices & Ingredients

Love is universal. Saints or sinners, we all love. One way or another. Love really is the answer. As Hafiz (Persian poet and mystic) said: “Go through this world giving love. Giving love.” And as The Beatles (Manchester poets and psychedilic mystics) said: Love, Love Me Do!

In honor of Saint Valentine’s Day, here is a roundup of three romantic Persian sweets that would be a treat to make and enjoy on the day much chocolate and flowers are sold and many people on earth celebrate love and romance.


First up, is sohan ‘e assal. A toothsome (as in, you’d definitely need some teeth to enjoy it) Persian brittle candy made with sugar, honey, slivered almonds, pistachios and saffron. Could there be a more romantic ingredient listing?  Je crois que non! Recipe’s here. Just add a pinch of boldness and you have a treat to nibble on and feed your object of ardent attention without worrying about napkins or pesky utensils.


Giving sohan ‘e assal a run for romantic ingredients, this delicious banana chocolate chip muffin is Persianized using cardamom, rosewater and edible crushed rose petals.

Sigh. That IS romantic!



And finally, tut, a Persian mulberry-shaped marzipan concoction made with sugar, rosewater, ground almonds, and cardamom – with slivers of pistachio for stems. A dainty and pretty pop of sweetness for you and your valentine to nibble on as you whisper sweet nothings to each other and gaze at your smart phones.

I submitted this recipe to Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things Valentine’s Day Roundup – a post that I’ve spent a good amount of time gawking and drooling over. As Orgasmic Chef (blushing while typing – and why yes, I AM a prude) pointed out on Twitter, that post is liable to get someone pregnant this Valentine’s Day. It’s true! I can see that. So do check it out but do exercise caution.



Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

May you be struck by Cupid’s arrow if you’re not already.

Heart Heart Heart Love Love Love

 turmeric & dried mint shaped like heart -  Persian food by Fig & Quince


54 thoughts on “Persian Sweets for You + Your Sweet | Valentine’s Day Recipes

  1. Happy Valentines day and I love the heart shaped array of spices. The sweet treats are wonderful and I am so lucky to have had the distinct (and yummy) pleasure of tasting all three treats that you created. Anyone of them would make me very happy on V-day!!

    • You did taste the candy brittle? I’m so happy about that. Those are not my forte so I can’t make it often. Wish I could. Happy Valentine’s Day Suzanne!

    • Maria, that first picture is one I remember precisely arranging and shooting. It was for one of the earlier blog posts and on the occasion of Johnny nominating F&Q for a Liebster award. I had so much fun arranging it. Thank you!!

    • Thank you Celia! The candies are really good and I love crunchy things so they are among my favorites too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • I feel this holiday is so well suited to you. Pretty, sweet, romantic, a treat for the senses. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Fae!

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