Noosheh Jaan!

digital calligraphy illustartion of Nooshe jan Persian saying that means good appetite | by Fig & Quince (Persian food culture blog)

noosh ‘eh jaan!

Noosheh jaan (sometimes spelled nusheh jaan) literally means: “may it be sweet for your soul”,”may it be a pleasure to your being”. That sounds quite florid, but in common parlance, the utterance simply signifies: bon appetit, good appetite! It is what we say to everyone at the table before we commence to stuff our faces with delicious, delicious, ridiculously delicious Persian food.





31 thoughts on “Noosheh Jaan!

    • Thank you dear Suzanne! I learned something awesome from Cornelia Weber Photography (comment below): she wishes her cat a Noosheh Jaan when feeding her. I think Izzy and Nando need a noosheh jan too when they feast on their delicious food. Ha ha! 🙂

    • ha ha, thank you for giving me a a good long chuckle! love it! 😀 I’ll have to tell all my pet loving friends to follow suit!

    • Interestingly enough, “dig” in Persian is a big cooking pot, so dig in could be a good Iranian American hyphenated phrase of good will and appetite when eating. Ha!

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