A selfish tour of Tehran | Greetings from Iran!

Hi all!

I’ve now been traipsing in and around Tehran for precisely a month. During this sojourn in the city of my birth and childhood, I have taken a ridiculous number of photos and videos. Click, click, click. Mostly of sights and of others, but this post is devoted to "me, myself and I" in Tehran – a gallery of selfies and snapshots of yours truly. Thus, I present to you a very selfish tour of Tehran.

This is me minutes after leaving the customs at the airport in Tehran. I’d often imagined I’d weep uncontrollably once I set foot on the soil of Iran but in reality I was too excited and exhausted to be verklempt.

This is a reflected selfie from one of the MANY snaps I took of the various Haft Seen spreads in the storefront windows during Norooz.

This was taken at a really nice exhibit of abstract paintings by contemporary Iranian artists. Minutes later after this picture was taken I accidentally broke a huge vase which mercifully turned out not to be an ancient priceless artifact! The exhibit attendant paused before finally declaring: "fadayeh saretoon." Which essentially translated to me getting a free pass. How nice of them and what a relief!

This is moi posing in front of the statue of Arash ‘eh Kamangir (Arash the Archer) in the Sa’ad Abad Palace in Niavaran, Tehran.

This is me wearing my Nike cap and headscarf get-up and snapping away in the small local supermarket.

The is me the first time I went underground in Tehran in the Amirabad subway station. The subway stations in Tehran are very modern and somewhat spectacularly ornate.

This is me and my cousin flanked by Qajar guards in the courtyard of Golestan Palace. A magnificent place.

This is a blurry shot of me and a good friend in a super cute cafe where we enjoyed some amazing beverages. I shall tell you later MUCH about these beverages.

Here’s my reflection and the logo of a long-established and beloved bookstore and publishing house.

And finally, this is moi sporting a sheepish grin in an upscale pastry shop in the Ellahieh neighborhood of Tehran where we bought some decadent cream puffs.

Till soon! And sorry for not keeping in better touch but the Internet and social media access is … a can of worms better left unopened.


14 thoughts on “A selfish tour of Tehran | Greetings from Iran!

  1. How marvelous you have been able to visit for a whole month! I lived in Tehran from Feb 1976 to Aug 1978 and graduated from Tehran American School (TAS) in 1977. There are over 500 of us alumni on Facebook alone on various group pages and we love to reminisce about our adventures while we were there. We all would love to return and it’s a very popular topic at all our reunions. So glad you were able to make the trip! Safe journeys to you!

  2. Lovely little peek at you in your beloved Tehran! I’m looking forward to learning more about those beverages you’ve enjoyed in that cute café. Until then, keep enjoying yourself!

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