Mostly Happy, A Little Weary, Definitely Not Hungry! | Greetings from Iran!

This post was written while nursing a coffee in the Mehrabad airport, Tehran, Iran.

I’m nearing the end of my epic trip to Iran but there’s still a couple of good weeks left. I am simultaneously positively pining (pining!) to be back in New York yet absolutely saddened & heartsick by the thought of leaving Iran. The plight of the hyphenated people!

Much like my iPhoto folder, my head and heart are exceeding capacity and busting at the seams — with the abundance of experiences and feelings and thoughts and tastes and sights of this adventure. I need a good bit of alone-time after leaving Iran to fully process this journey. In some ways, the present feels like a dream.

A nice dream though … with things like this:

Can’t complain!

So far, I’ve gotten to travel to the cities I long dreamt of visiting: Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd. By the time this post is posted, I’ll be off on a sentimental trip to Kermanshah, the lovely region where my father’s family hails from. I’ve heard flowers are in abundance in the region now and I’m so looking forward to seeing my long-time-no-see relatives and tasting their sure-to-be delicious cooking.

​Can’t wait either to sit down sometime in the future and share it all with you in a substantial heart-to-heart.

For now, till soon & have a happy weekend!


13 thoughts on “Mostly Happy, A Little Weary, Definitely Not Hungry! | Greetings from Iran!

  1. I can’t believe it’s already been almost 2 months. Amazing and what a time you have had. After you have had time to process I have to hear all about it and can’t wait for more posts.

  2. So happy to hear that you’ve been able to do and see all that you desired Azita! It’s lovely reading about this wonderful roller-coaster ride of emotions and experiences you’ve been on – I can understand how torn you will feel when the time comes to head home to NY. Thinking of you!

  3. It’s lovely to read that you’ve been (and are still) having such a great time – and very interesting to get a glimpse of all those emotions that are being stirred up. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, this post is seriously amazing Azita. I’ve never been anywhere near Iran but the culture and cuisine fascinates me (and I’ve learned a lot through reading your blog!). Glad that you’re having an amazing time. We miss you but I’m loving the guest posts… such wonderful blogging friends you have! Travel safe and I do hope that you’ll adjust back to home life quickly. Hugs xxx

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  6. beautiful post…look at all the juicy gojeh sabz…i wish i knew what the yellow flowers were called? i remember seeing a whole lot of them the last time i went to iran and they smell amazing

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