A Homesick Journey to Iran – A Hyphenated American’s Nostalgic Visit Home | A Show & Tell in Brooklyn

Still life with Iranian newspaper iPhone airplane snacks taken during flight in Iran

Up in the air in Iran –  halfway between Tehran & Kermanshah

You guys, I had a delicious sholeh zard post scheduled for today but I’m bumping it to next week because instead I want to share the news that this coming Sunday I’m giving a non-political ‘show and tell’ talk about my trip to Iran, at De-Construkt  — an art space in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The title of the event is: A Homesick Journey to Iran – A Hyphenated American’s Nostalgic Visit Home

The ‘show’ part will be a slideshow of photos and video snippets; the ‘tell’ part: the stories that go along with the images. There will be Persian music and Persian food will be served. Ooh yeah!

Do you want to hear how this whole thing came to be?

De-Construkt is run by my friend Laura who is an artist and an inspiration.

Laura had been away on a long off-the-beaten-path journey across the world around the same time as I had been on my journey to Iran and it was only just a few days ago that we managed to get together — right around the golden hour, at the beautiful Brooklyn Promenade — and finally catch up and talk about our adventures.

Laura is one of those rare people who truly listens, so I was kind of giddy with the pleasure of sharing the stories of my trip, sitting on a bench in one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn with one of my favorite people, and the visual feast of a pink and golden sunset and the Manhattan skyline. One minute I was wistfully saying “I wish I could do a show and tell about my trip” and next thing I know, Laura is saying: “let’s do it” and then we were really doing it! Laura finished watching the sunset, then she quickly wrote a to-do list for me on the back of her grocery bill, gave me a deadline, and off we went!

And that’s how the talk came to be. And now I’m both excited and nerve-wracked!

The happy musician in a Persian cafe - just one of the stories I'll tell

The happy musician in a Persian cafe – just one of the stories I’ll tell

Here’s the synopsis of what the talk is all about | Here’s the invite on Facebook | Here’s the date, time and place: Sunday August 24, 5 pm at De-construkt | And here’s the address: 41 Seabring Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11231

I hope those of you who live nearby can come!



18 thoughts on “A Homesick Journey to Iran – A Hyphenated American’s Nostalgic Visit Home | A Show & Tell in Brooklyn

    • Me too, I mean, I too wish you lived closer and not just for you to come to this event but for so many different and wonderful reasons

  1. Azita thats wonderful, I will try my best to make it for me it depends on several factors. It will be interesting and wonderful. With Persian food and music and your slides and narrative it will be a memorable evening.

    • It’s in the depths of Red Hook and it’s quite a trek so I totally understand if you can’t make it. But it may be worth the trek as well. In any event, I appreciate your support dear Suzanne and would be very happy if you are able to make it.

    • It is a bummer and if you did live nearby I would surely make excuses to come and visit you and your beautiful little garden

    • Oh yeah, you are right, I should take my act on the road! 😉 But seriously: thank you for your support! Appreciate it!

  2. Wow, what an amazing project by Laura! So inspiring. I wish I could be there for your talk, ah! I hope that it went wonderfully (but judging from the way you write, I am sure that it did. You are also an inspiration!) xx

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