Let’s smell the rosewater & saffron!

Persian Saffron Rice Pudding 'sholeh zard' & ingredients: pistachio, rice, sugar, saffron, rosewater on kitchen towel from YazdIranian food cooking blog شله زرد

Dreamy Persian Ingredients spread on a Yazdi kitchen towel

This is a teaser post. As in, I’m teasing you with a dreamy list of ingredients: saffron, rosewater, rice, almonds, pistachios!

What, oh what kind of yummy Persian food could this be for?

Recipe (by my lovely friend) will be posted on Monday. Until then, hope you’ll have many fragrant things to smell & yummy things to eat.

ps. The pretty, striped kitchen towel? Glad you ask: my friend and I each bought one when traveling together in Yazd, Iran.

Heart Hearts Hearts | Cutout Collage by Farideh

boos boos!


15 thoughts on “Let’s smell the rosewater & saffron!

    • So wonderfully true! As my Twitter friends noted, add some berberries and chicken and you could easily turn this into a tahchin or javaher polo etc

    • dear Patty, if possible try to open bottle or otherwise get a sniff. Avoid ones that have too pungent or floral a smell. You want one with a delicate touch. Also, whichever brand you end up with, use very sparingly. A LITTLE goes a long way. Hope this helps? xo

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