Internet, Persian Style! | Persian Nooks & Crannies in Cyberspace – Part 2

Let’s start part 2 of the Persian nooks and crannies of cyberspace (see here for part 1 and the series’ mission statement) with Anthony Bourdain – the chef and food critic bar none who visited Iran this past spring. Very much look forward to seeing this episode when it airs.

Before continuing, let’s please note that all of the images in this post are scoured from social media sites and are live links — just hover the mouse over the image and/or the handle name. I encourage you to click and go right to the source to explore and follow their content!


Artwork by the Iranian artist Elahe Shahbani. So beautiful! I can’t stop gazing at it.

Ramsar Hotel in the northern region (‘shomal’) of Iran in the Caspian sea region. If not for the telltale sign of women wearing the hijab, I would have mistaken the mood and architecture for that of a sleepy European town.

An Iranian mom lining up her kids for a photo op at the tomb of Omar Khayyam, the Iranian mathematician, astronomer and poet.

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Spot the little foodie! @samanehalaei

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A little Persian foodie! Growing up in an awesome foodie Persian family must be so nice!

The courtyard of the Grand Bazaar, in Tehran. The Grand Bazaar was one of my favorite places to explore when I was in Tehran. I barely scratched the surface.

One of my favorite Persian food bloggers having herself a cozy, lovely time with yummy Persian snacks and the 2 volume masterpiece cookbook of Mr. Najaf Daryabandari.

Iran is definitely a poetic and charming country. A whole bunch of you are entirely cynical of this pronouncement, I know, but it’s true. I mean, would a British dude write in a UK publication that Iran is the most charming country on Earth were it not true?


Perhaps we can contemplate the veracity of this point over the weekend. These are turbulent times that feel dark and ominous, but let’s all have a beautiful weekend, focusing on good things and light, and let’s send some positive energy into this awesome and awful world of ours.

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11 thoughts on “Internet, Persian Style! | Persian Nooks & Crannies in Cyberspace – Part 2

  1. Argh, I’m having a bit of trouble with the wifi where I’m staying but I plan to follow each of these links through over the weekend! What a fantastic round up Azita! I’m in love with Persian flavours, colours and culture… I’m missing the Persian ingredients that I collected at home right now (Scotland isn’t really very multicultural when it comes to restaurants, unless you count an occasional Chinese takeaway). This will be a beautiful exotic tour whilst sitting in the little cold room of our B&B 🙂 xx

  2. I love the work of the Persian. So unbelievably gorgeous! And I love the photo of the every day in Iran (I totally agree upon the European flavor!). I could spend days wandering in that bazaar never getting tired of it!

    • Ah Franscesca, reading your comment I had a sudden but deep wish that one day we could go strolling through and exploring the nooks and crannies of the Grand Bazaar in Tehran together. I would so love to show you and Stefano and her majesty and take you around in the city that I love.

    • You do like it? I’m asking because the page loads slowly with these types of embedded images and I’m debating whether to continue the series or not …

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