A Halloween Coronation

Pumpkin coronation king crown Persian food blog Iran cooking culture

In a simple yet tasteful coronation ceremony earlier today, Pumpkin was crowned king. In a touching and wisely brief speech, King Pumpkin pledged his desire to carve a role in history as a just and yummy ruler.

4 illustration vector pumpkin thanksgiving

If your pumpkin is not royalty, you can use it to make a Persianized pumpkin pie cafe latte, or, a Persian pumpkin Halloween kookoo. Yum!


17 thoughts on “A Halloween Coronation

  1. I love pumpkin (we call it Kudoo) and I couldnt agree more that pumpkin is royalty…its the only reason I can handle the coming of winter ๐Ÿ˜‰ so excited to try your pumpkin pie latte recipe!!

  2. Aah at last. Pumpkin=fall/ fall=pumpkin love them both. In soups, pasta, salad, bread, khorosht, sweets, & so on. It is so versatile. For me pumpkin is like tomato in the summer time that can be used in almost everything. Don’t you agree?

  3. I can’t decide which delighted me more. Your comment or just plain hearing from you! It’s a tie! โค mersi Nirvana joon

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