Valentines Day Persian Rhymes & Sweets

pistachio chia seeds saffron dried mint cardamom berberries turmeric white rice grain heart shaped Persian spices

In honor of Valentines day, I have a Persianized Valentine’s Day ditty for you:

Pomegranates are red
Asseman is blue
Tut is sweet
and so are tu!

(That means YOU!)

And also:

toot tut Persian marzipan mulberry pink heart pretty

sparkly dainty pop-in-your-mouth tut for you and me

As my lovely friend Lena K says: “Celebrate love while you can, always.”

May as well celebrate love with sparkly dainty sugar-coated Persian marzipan mulberries. Ideally while whistling: Tut for two And tut for tea Just me for you And you for me

And also:

halva pistachio blossom plate Persian food hert shaped

Give love with heart shaped Persian halva!

As the revered Persian poet Hafiz put it so eloquently: “Go through this world giving love. Giving love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

Love, love, love!

heart illustration graphic icon


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