#IranDEAL #HAPPY! | Let’s Have Some Shirini Please!

A tray filled with colorful and dainty spring blossomsPersian cup w historic engravings filled with pink and white dainty spring blossoms gathered in Brooklyn, New York

In Iran, it’s customary to celebrate one’s good news with “shirini dadan” (offering sweets and pastries) to pleasure and delight the sense and palette of others in recognition of one’s own sweet turn of events. And in turn, friends and family present the person with the happy news some flowers by way of congratulations. And of course as I’ve mentioned, people snap their fingers and “beshkan mizanand” ha ha, just like George Clooney, when feeling particularly exuberant and filled with joy! So let’s put on a cheerful Persian song, shake our groove thing, and let’s snap our fingers. And oh, here, I have some sweets and flowers for us all as well. Dahanemoon ro shirin konim!

But first I want to address the naysayers; hatemongers; warmongers; always-complainers; those who only see the clouds and never the silver lining; those who never notice the rainbow but only the downfall of the rain; and say: Here … Here are some flowers, and please also have some shirini and sweeten your palette!

Because this.THIS. Is a buzz you can’t kill. Because this is a way towards peace and better understanding and cultural exchange and because “hope is a thing with feathers” and it’s a beautiful thing when it takes wing. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles for yours truly. #IranDeal #HAPPY!

Now let’s all go and have lots of yummy Persian shirini!

noon nokhodchi - a persian cookie

noon berenji - a persian cookie

assorted Persian shirini (sweets and candy)

My friends, here’s to realizing dreams for peace, love and harmony.

Kumbaya, my friends! KUMBAYA!!!!

Still life with flowers: Persian buttercup, red tulips and a cup with white wild spring blossoms


8 thoughts on “#IranDEAL #HAPPY! | Let’s Have Some Shirini Please!

  1. Love this post! Love love love it! Mabrook my dearest – we had a little (actually quite big) Ramadan miracle this year it seems. Eat lots of shirini- tis definitely something to celebrate 🌷🌷🌷❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I like anything that promotes peace and understanding. Surely #IranDEAL does or will or should? Let’s be positive and optimistic. Let’s have faith in us.

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