My Persian Culinary Feast Workshop!

Tadig, Persian rice's yummy bottom of the pot crunchy crust part that's always fought over! | @FigandQuince (Persian food culture blog)

T is for Tadig!

Persian rice being served by Iranian homecook | @FigandQuince (Persian food culture blog)

Persian rice! The stuff of culinary dreams!

You guys, this post is nothing more than a shameless plug for a Persian cooking class workshop that I’m offering on August 23rd in the merry state of Maryland. If you’re going to be in the DC area that day, do come, won’t you?

I’m calling the class a “Persian Culinary Feast Workshop” which is a mouthful but it’s apt because it will yield much delicious mouthfuls, and will cover a few essential genres of Persian cuisine into the bargain.

What’s on the yummy-for-your tummy learning agenda you ask? Why, let me tell you:

Persian Rice 101; green bean khoresh; Persian cucumber & mint yogurt soup; doogh; and we’ll end on the heady note of how to hack a plain vanilla ice cream into a sensory overload that is the delightful Persian saffron, rosewater & cardamom ice cream with pistachio slivers.

Here’s the link to the Eventbrite page for more info and to register. Register, mark your calendars, and rev up your tummy + taste bud engines.

May I please ask for your help in spreading the news of this class? I would appreciate it greatly from the bottom of my shekamoo heart if you could please pass this info along to your Washington DC area friends or family who might be interested.

khoresh loobiya | Persian green bean stew | @Figandquince (Persian food culture blog)

khoresh loobiya | Persian green bean stew

Mast ' o Khiyar | Persian cucumber & mint yogurt Soup garnished with crushed rose petals | @figandquince (Persian food culture blog)

Mast ‘ o Khiyar | Persian cucumber & mint yogurt Soup


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2 thoughts on “My Persian Culinary Feast Workshop!

    • B/c I’m in this area for the next few weeks but sure, will do something similar in NY sometime soon or maybe we could do a joint venture cooking event? Please do send your DC friends my way though! 😉 xoxo

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