Happy New Year! Happy 2016! | Belated Greetings from Iran!

Persian carpet with whimsical figurative design on display at the Carpet Museum in Tehran, Iran | @figandquince (Persian food culture blog)

Hi everyone!

Will you please forgive me for the irregular and intermittent posting? Further, will you also forgive me for the belated holiday & new year wishes?  I blame lack of time, a countdown to the last dwindling days of my visit here in Iran, and a rather super frustrating Internet access for the aforementioned laggings – for which I hope to avoid flaggings –  and beg you to remember the good times we’ve had together. We’ve had some fine times together, haven’t we? Therefor, do kindly overlook this shocking (albeit unintentional and at times unavoidable) neglect of my blogging duties. That said, let me actually say what I came here to say, and that is to wish you all a truly wonderful 2016!

My new year wish for you:

May your life be like a finely woven Persian carpet: artful; useful; pretty to behold; filled with myriad delightful touches; soft and cozy; and continuously better and more precious with age.

Happy New Year!

ps. This particular Persian carpet, filled with wonderful whimsical figurative depictions, is one that’s on display at the Carpet Museum of Tehran. I got to pay a visit to this museum along with a dear friend who was visiting from Los Angeles, and we had a good time traipsing around and checking out the masterpieces on display. The story of which is but one of a thousand and one such stories I hope to tell and the photo of which is but one of the gazillion photos that I am dying to share with you and my new year resolution is to get going and post more regularly. Hail, wind and Internet notwithstanding! As a show of good faith, be on the lookout — coming up in a jiffy — for a pictorial post about how I spent my first day of 2016 (Hint: it was beginning the year on the right foot. Literally! Ha!)


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