Quail Egg Omelette in Shiraz!

quail eggs on plate with turquoise design | Persian food blog

If you must make a business trip while in Iran, it may as well be a trip to Shiraz, the city of pomegranate blossoms and roses and bahar narenj and poetry and oft: staggering beauty. And if you must go to Shiraz, it might as well be in the month of Oridbehesht — a spring month that ends with the suffix of “behesht” or paradise. And if you are fortunate indeed, you might also be hosted by people who are not just kind and lovely but who love food and feed you splendidly! And thus, it may transpire that your first breakfast in this ancient and fabled Persian city might be a simple but seductive Persian breakfast centered around a quail egg sunny side up omelette.

To recreate this scene at home, follow these easy steps.

sunny quail egg yolks | Persian food blog (Shiraz)

First, crack open a dozen quail (or “belederchin” in Farsi) eggs. Heat some butter in a small skillet till it sizzles, and until it does, gaze at the golden yolks and enjoy their sunny disposition in a pleasant reverie.

Then, once the kitchen is filled with that unmistakable heavenly aroma of sizzling butter, pour the yolks in the skillet. Scramble the yolks just a teeny tiny bit and cook over medium heat till the omelette sets nicely but is still sunny side up.

Persian breakfast: quail egg omelette; homemade strawberry jam; feta cheese; bread and banana milkshake | Persian food blog

Slip the omelette on a beautiful china plate and serve as the centerpiece of a very pretty and delicious Persian breakfast. (Note: breakfasts in Iran can be quite elaborate and based on my non-scientific but homegrown polling tend to be super popular in Iran.  I’ve met so many people who say variations on this theme: “I go to bed dreaming of my breakfast!” ha ha.)

Let’s explore this particular enchanting culinary landscape that yours truly got to savor at further length! Starting with the plate of herbs and cucumber and tomato (the essential ingredients for making a traditional Persian “loghmeh” or bite-sized sandwich) let’s work our way clockwise left to right:

yummy creamy feta cheese; a container of khameh (thick cream) on a plate; a tall glass of frothy homemade banana milkshake (fill blender with 4 cups of milk, add 2 ripe bananas, blend till smooth and foamy and serve); a heart-shaped bowl filled with soft succulent homemade strawberry jam (so good with that thick cream on some bread); the glorious aforementioned quail egg omelette as the piece de resistance; and of course: bread.

Can you say: YUMMY? Oh boy, it was.  (Thank you Farzaneh joon!)

coffee served in wedding china | Persian food blog

Finish off polishing your fill of this heavenly morning repast with a cup of coffee served in manner most dainty, pretty and charming.

It will greatly enhance your experience if you could do all of the following while inhaling that je ne sais quoi springtime air of Shiraz fragrant with the smell of roses and honeysuckleladen with the memory of centuries of poetry and bohemian pleasure-seeking flair that all of Shiraz is known for and renowned.

I want everyone I love to come and visit and experience the glory of Shiraz. You all: do it! Seriously! More on Shiraz to come. Promise.

Till then, xoxo and boos boos.

ps Have a lucky Friday the 13th 🙂


14 thoughts on “Quail Egg Omelette in Shiraz!

    • Hi Rose! I’ve been in Iran! I’m living here now … for the forseeable future. Don’t know about the unforseeable one 🙂 How are you????

  1. I’ve missed you — glad to learn from your previous blog post that you are happy and enjoying your move to Iran. I love your blog! You transport me to places I’d love to go, and people I would love to meet. Keep writing!

    • Thank you dear Linda! What a sweet comment! Means a lot. I’d love to transport you to Iran! 🙂 Come visit!

    • Your family picked the best city to hail from! 😉 Delighted that you enjoyed reading the post! More where that came from ❤

  2. Wonderful entry!
    How I love your photos. The quail egg set off by the turquoise of the dishes are a veritable feast for the eyes. I enjoy how you savor the process of achieving a memorable breakfast. Here I am getting ready to settle down for the night and have become hungry from the sight of your lovely blog. I will just have to close my eyes and “dream about breakfast.”

    We have an Iranian house guest visiting from California. You inspired me to make him something fun to eat before we head out to the Renwick Gallery (featuring American art) where a new and exciting exhibit just opened. Michelle Obama attended the opening.

    Miss you. I will catch up on past blogs and comment as I go along.

    It is our turn for dinner out so we are happy to be seeing your parents.
    Stay well! All is well here.

    Peace and hugs,

    Sent from my iPad


    • How lovely to hear from you Carol jan! Miss and love you and Dr. R! So happy you read here and hope you’ll have a lovely breakfast! 😉 xoxoxo & lots of love -azita

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