A Vote of Confidence – A thing like that!

Persian feast porcelain prop styling New York

Hello friends!

I am nursing a nasty cold but no grudges; I lost my workhorse iPhone but on the bright side I have a refrigerator filled with barbari bread and sour cherries picked from a garden near Tehran; and I have lots of news and a bunch of good posts coming your way – delicious recipes and sweet and bittersweet stories and lots of snap-happy photos, but meanwhile … I woke up this morning to the wonderful surprise of an email from my Edible Manhattan editor with the news that the article I recently wrote for them about Norooz in New York is an Eddy Awards 2016 finalist in the “Best Story” category. Say what! It obviously made my day. It’s an honor to be a finalist but (needless to say) I won’t scoff at the idea of actually winning in the category either. That’s where you, wonderful gentle reader, come in. As the winner will be decided by votes.

Might I ask you guys to tip toe over and vote for your ever so faithful blogger? Pretty please? Just go here and click and vote. The voting period is open till June 8th by the way and should you so desire, you can vote once daily till then. I would be ever so grateful!
ps The gorgeous photo is photographed by Philip Ficks; and prop styling is by Lili Abir.
ppps You are all awesome and I want to make you all ta’dig! πŸ™‚ ❀

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