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Hello again. As a refreshing change I’m keeping my promise (knock on wood, let’s not jinx it) to write a post here in liaison with each new podcast episode.

Woody Allen Persian film critic column Kargadan

Mohsen’s film column in the wonderful weekly @KargadanMagazine

For this latest episode of Fig & Quince Stories podcast I had a truly special guest, Mohsen Azarm, who is a film buff & critic, foodie, writer, all around awesome gent, and the annotator of a wonderful and unique book of poetry by a 9th Century Persian poet and dervish  … a poet who only wrote poems about food!

Book Farsi Persian poetry Food Shirazi Boshagh

9th Century Persian Poet’s Book of Poetry about Food

This 9th century poet, known as Boshagh Shirazi (yes, he hailed from the most poetic Persian city of Shiraz) chose food as his topic as both homage; and also a parody of earlier epic Iranian poets such as Saadi & Hafez. When Hafez & Saadi write about the “beloved” the word is imbued with rapt mysticism. When Boshagh mentions the “beloved” he is referring to food!

Right up our alley, gang! No?

Film Food Coffee Persian Iranian -2Film Food Coffee Persian Iranian -5

Mohsen is seen here holding a copy of the book “Vasf’e Taam” which is his wonderful annotated collection of Boshag’s poets. If you can get your hands on a copy, I strongly urge you to do so. This books is an enriching, edifying, and also truly fun read.

I am partial to all my podcast guests, but this particular podcast chat is one that I think all you foodie folks, specially those of you who are interested in a bit of historical background, would greatly enjoy. (Caveat: Available only in Persian language.) Here’s the link:

Do share it with your Irooni friends and family too, OK?

Film Food Coffee Persian Iranian -6

xoxo & till soon!






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