Fig & Quince English Language Podcasts? 

Hi friends, 

I’m writing this post on my phone so I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

Some of you have asked for it, so I’m finally going to tape a few English language podcasts. Here’s your chance to ask talk about any topic or subjects you’re interested to hear about. I’ll combine the podcasts with a blog post to give you a good juicy multi-media experience. 

I’m taping these podcasts in a few days so do let me know via email or comments as soon as possible. 

In other news: the world may look like it sucks BIG time but LOVE conquers all and all of us good people will soldier on. Oh yes we will. 

ps: Do keep me company on my Instagram account, won’t you? 

Till Soon!

xoxo ❤️💫🎈


9 thoughts on “Fig & Quince English Language Podcasts? 

  1. I saw your photo of the rhubarb blossoms. I would love to hear more about how they are used (other than in a vase).

    • Dear Terri, I’ll ask around. As of now, most people tell me that the blossoms are discarded. Although, they are used for medicinal purposes of creating a facial mask that is supposed to be good to remove pimples. BUT, will certainly ask around. I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow or other it IS used for some novel culinary purposes. Thank you for commenting and till soon! ❤

  2. Salam Azita Jaan,
    I am Ali Keshavarz, an avid reader of your blogs and enjoy reading your post with much pleasure. I am the founder of Peasant Pies in San Francisco, California. We specialise in hand-held savoury and sweet pies. For our pie crust, we make our own dough, a sourdough bread type dough, not a flaky pastry crust.

    Every March, in honour of Nourooz, I introduce a Persian-inspired recipe pie as “Pie of the Month”. For Last Nourooz, I did a “Gheimeh Bademjan Pie”. It was very popular and there was a huge demand for more varieties!

    I wondering if you have an interesting and authentic Persian recipe that could work with our concept.

    I appreciate your feedback.

    With best wished,

    Ali Keshavarz

  3. Salam dear Ali, I’m SO excited to hear about your Norooz Persian pies! I honestly almost squealed. What a great idea! Thank you for asking for my input. Absolutely, you’ve got it! I will respond back once I have given it some thought. Would also love to connect via social media and Linkedin.

    All the best!

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