Internet: Persian Style! | Part #5

family taking photo at Ibn Sina tomb
[This post scheduled to publish while I’m on my Epic Trip to Iran, part 2.]
Let’s start perusing the Persian nooks and crannies of cyberspace in part #5 of Internet: Persian Style series! with this paparazzi style family portrait. What did we all ever do before smart phones? I wonder if Ibn-Sina would have enjoyed putzing around on his smart phone? I have a feeling he would have greatly enjoyed it actually. Ancient polymaths: They are just like us!

Such a quiet and serene shot! It feels like a short poem. In one of my favorite cities in Iran: Isfahan. (Nesf’e jahan!)

Maybe masked portraits would dethrone the reign of the selfies? Doubt it.

Anyhow, the lady in the photo is holding a children’s music album called “Red Autobus” to cover her head. She mentions how a chance conversation at work prompted the purchase and that the music, while geared towards children, can be enjoyed by all who enjoy cheerful and fun songs.

Photos and stories like this are the reason I’m such a besotted fan of @Pedestrian on Instagram and on Twitter

This is the Iranian singer named Ramesh in the pre-revolution Iran of the 1970s. When it came to pop stars, Googoosh was number #1 in popularity and then there was Ramesh. Googoosh was all coy and charm, and Ramesh was all edgy and fierce. Image found via @reorientmag a hip, trendy and nearly scholarly magazine “celebrating contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture.” And celebrate it does, with style to spare!

Thus concludes our relatively sedate yet hopefully entertaining round #5 tour of some interesting nooks and crannies of Persian cyberspace.

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Comments (2)

  • Soureh Sedigh 5 years ago Reply

    Waiting on a new post and decided to go through your old posts…
    1) I bet that little girl learned so much that day!!! Going to read more about the Islamic Golden Age…we are definitely experiencing the opposite of whatever that era was right now.
    2) you’re right…serene picture and it does seem like poetry…i can picture myself sitting on the stack of Persian rugs reading a nice book…
    3) love her dress..and your note about dethroning selfies was funny…I would look up the album on YouTube, but I find Iranian music to be incredibly sad…even the lullabies make you cry…the stories are super creative though…remember the one about the little lady who rolls down the hill in a giant pepper? It rhymes…can’t remember how the story goes exactly…if I find it, I’ll let you know what it’s called
    4) I wonder what happened to the orchards…were they wiped out by the war? Love this picture…roasted narenj doesn’t sound too bad…this may be my favorite picture of this post…reminds me of my grandmother and her narenj tree…
    5) lol…they do resemble…may look up Ramesh on YouTube…hopefully her songs aren’t sad
    Reading your post hit me with a wave of nostalgia…thank you…I like posts that make you slow down and think…

  • Soureh Sedigh 5 years ago Reply

    Something in your post made me think of Ferdowsi and the story of the dad and son…I remember being fascinated by the style of poetry and the depth of the story when I read it…do you think you could do a post on ferdowsi and his poetry, especially the one I’m talking about? Doesn’t it kind of remind you of Gladiator? Isn’t that the movie where the father and son end up fighting in battle?

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