Digcheh: A little pot with LOTS of flair!

Persian food a loaf of sweet saffron rice cake

A few months ago, during a religious holiday, I was a guest at my cousin’s home in Tehran and lo, my cousin and her husband received a wonderful homemade goody from one of their acquaintances. That offering being none other than the good-looking edible object that you see in the photo. (The decorative fabric you see, by the way, is called “termeh” and it is a subject ripe for its own discussion.)

The aforementioned object was shaped like a loaf cake, garnished with slivered almonds and pistachios and a few dried rosebuds, and it was served by cutting it into slices like a cake. It felt soft yet densely firm to the fork and to the palette, and tasted at once soothingly bland and yet also boldly fragrant and it was just the right amount of sweet. A great symphony of subdued pizzazze! What was this manna from the heaven?



My Story in Iran told in Pix | An Ice Breaker!

Box of Persian pastry - shirni - in Tehran Iran

Yummy assortment of Persian pastry

Hi y’all! Remember me?  Of course not. I’ve been remiss and deserve not to have been missed.

Yadi. Yada. To break this dry spell I’m just going to share the photos that I have in the very first 3 rows of my photo library on my phone – without exercising judgement or discretion but hopefully not without some taste – and tell you the tale of each image.

By the way, yeah, I’m still in Iran and while we can never know the future I do plan to be here for the foreseeable part of it. Now let’s cut to the chase and check out the photos, starting with the very appetizing good-looking box of Persian pastries above which if you ever visit Iran and go to any city, big or small, you will see that every neighborhood boasts of at the very least a couple of pastry shops. The prevalence of pastry shops can be accounted for on one hand because Iranians have a sweet tooth and like to have a good time and indulge in sweet treats with tea, and for another, part of the Iranian culture and etiquette frowns on arriving empty handed and dictates showing up at the doorsteps of a host with a gift, often as not with a kilogram of these goodies. Oh goody!


Fig & Quince English Language Podcasts? 

Hi friends, 

I’m writing this post on my phone so I’ll keep it short and sweet. 

Some of you have asked for it, so I’m finally going to tape a few English language podcasts. Here’s your chance to ask talk about any topic or subjects you’re interested to hear about. I’ll combine the podcasts with a blog post to give you a good juicy multi-media experience. 

I’m taping these podcasts in a few days so do let me know via email or comments as soon as possible. 

In other news: the world may look like it sucks BIG time but LOVE conquers all and all of us good people will soldier on. Oh yes we will. 

ps: Do keep me company on my Instagram account, won’t you? 

Till Soon!

xoxo ❤️💫🎈

A Smorgasbord of Sorts | Persian Style!

hyacinth illustration flower sombol Persian pretty

Spring! (Haftseen illie by moi; beautiful photo by Dr. Bashi joon)

Greetings friends! Spring has sprung in full bloom here – the “golden waterfall” and “wisteria” and myriad other flora are blooming in earnest all over Tehran – providing beauty and pollen and allergens. I never enjoyed any allergies whilst on the coast of East, but here in the Eastern world, I am totally prone to itchiness and sniffles. Oh joie!


Coffee Actually

Iman Reza Zadeh Coffee Express founder

A javalicious chat with the co-founder of CoffeeXpress (photo by Noosha)

Due to a bit of a profound bout of malaise (rooted in homesickness and work brouhaha and dashes of eeksetera & ouchsetera & yikescetera ) I indulged in a bit of laziness and stress eating but I am happy to spring out of it (somewhat dented but semi intact and once again energized even if slightly more rotund) – to bring to you – albeit rather on a bleated note – the latest Fig & Quince Stories Podcast post.

Tea is still the numero uno drink of choice in Iran for the majority of Iranians, but coffee and a proliferation of ultra modern Persian coffee shops and the popularity of decidedly hipster cafe culture has begun to take root in society and has made major strides in the hearts of Iranian folks when it comes to their favorite beverage and pastimes.

In some ways, Iman, the founder of CoffeeXpress, the very first chain of mobile coffee shops in Iran, is to blame for this!


Books + Film + Espresso + Food = Paradise

Cafe Tehran tea Persian

Author, Writer, Film Buff, Foodie, Gentleman, Podcast guest

Hello again. As a refreshing change I’m keeping my promise (knock on wood, let’s not jinx it) to write a post here in liaison with each new podcast episode.


What’s New Pussy Cat? … Pizza & Podcast Sans Pontification.

Foodie cafe Tehran Iran Persian

Interview with a foodie with a penchant for oversized rings!

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