Zucchini & Yogurt To the Rescue | Kadoo Borani

Zucchini yogurt borani (kadoo mast in Persian) served with Sangak bread for Persian food blog recipe post

The Hidden Allure of Zucchini & Yogurt (Kadoo Borani)

It’s hot. You’re bored. Maybe tired. Perhaps un tout petit peu depressed? In a highly dignified existential manner of speaking, of course. Your stomach growls. “Not now stomach!” you address your stomach with haughty aplomb. “Can’t you see that I’m dealing with Corona’s 2nd wave plus the ephemeral nature of time while grappling to grasp the meaning of life and struggling to keep it together?” BUT. Your stomach does not give even one fig for your dimestore philosophy. Cares not at all for your tepid doldrums. It demands to be fed.

“NOW! Or else!” says the rude little philistine, stomping its rude little figurative feet.

Zucchini yogurt borani (kadoo mast in Persian) served with Sangak bread for Persian food blog recipe post

The duet of raw zucchini and yogurt is a song you want to sing … again and again

How can you trick your entitled, utterly boorish, and brazenly demanding stomach into shutting up and being happy with something that is entirely a breeze to make? What can you whip up that will be cool, healthy, and even quite tasty?

Let’s answer these questions with more questions.

  • Do you have a grater?
  • Do you have yogurt?
  • Do you have at least one zucchini?
  • Do you have the will to live?  This question is rhetorical.
  • Are you waiting for Godot?. This last one is unnecessary & just plain pretentious. But reader beware that I almost titled this post: “Waiting for Kadoo.” … Wait, wait, don’t run awayyyyy …

If you nodded yes to the relevant questions above, then, the answer is that you will do the trick by making what we call “borani ‘ye kadoo” in Persian.  Or, in common delightful English vernacular, you will make zucchini with yogurt. Raw zucchini, in this instance.

Now if you wrinkled your nose and thought “YUCK!” at the mere thought of raw zucchini avec yogurt, please be advised that it is not polite to prejudge. Further, please be notified that this concoction is indeed a magical life hack, and once you try it you will never go back. See, it even rhymes! Rhymes with reason, my friend. It rhymes with for a reason!

Zucchini yogurt borani (kadoo mast in Persian) served with Sangak bread for Persian food blog recipe post

Good thick yogurt is the secret of a yummy raw zucchini borani (کدو سبز بورانی)… plus saffron 😉

Zucchini & Yogurt | Is Kadoo the Dark Horse of Borani Family?

So far in the journey of this blog, we’ve met a few members of the Persian borani (the Persian food genre of yogurt-based vegetarian dishes.)

Where does zucchini yogurt fit in?

Let’s answer this by playing a game and imagining that all the borani dishes are college students in New York. In which case, it is possible that:

  • Beet Borani, (laboo mast) — charm personified, is studying fashion design at FIT.
  • Spinach Borani (esfenaj va mast) — willful, good and stoic, is getting a degree in economics at NYU.
  • Cucumber Mint Borani (mast ‘o khiar) is writing a thesis on medieval poetry at Columbia. (Ah, that explains the crushed rose petal predilection.)
  • Zucchini & Yogurt (Kadoo Borani) meanwhile — nerdy but talented, is an art student at Cooper Union. Or, maybe, studying theology?

Point is, zucchini yogurt aka kadoo borani may not be the dark horse of the Borani family, per se, but it is so so wholesome, so earnest, so filled with potential, that surely, you would underestimate it only at your own peril.


Prep shot of shredded zucchini, zucchini peels, grater and cutting board for Zucchini Yogurt Borani recipe post

Shredded zucchini is the other secret of a yummy raw kadoo borani – so so good!


If you’ve had it up to here with me and my word salad and are thinking: “Dude, where’s my dang recipe?” No worries, dude! Here it is:

Zucchini Yogurt (Kadoo Borani) Recipe

Raw Zucchini with Yogurt (Kadoo Borani) | Makes 1 serving

  • 1 small zucchini
  • 1 cup yogurt (Greek yogurt preferably)
  • salt & pepper

Optional add ons:

  • dried dill, or dried mint – just a little
  • raisins and/or walnuts — just a bit
  • saffron – just a hint

Wash and peel zucchini. Grate zucchini in a bowl. Season shredded zucchini with salt and pepper. Fold in yogurt. Stir with a fork to mix.  That’s it.


Crush a bit of dried mint or dried dill over the zucchini yogurt. You can also make this a heartier & more decadent fare by adding some raisins and walnuts into the mix. Sprinkle with a smidgen of saffron if you’re fancy — and you know it. Saffron adds such a lovely scent and a pretty touch of sunshine yellow color to the dish.


Enjoy the shredded zucchini yogurt borani as a light refreshing summer lunch. You can also serve this as a side dish or as a dip.

Zucchini borani pairs perfectly with bread. What kind of bread?  Sangak bread, a very popular type of Persian bread in Iran, is the bread that is featured in the images accompanying this post. But pretty much any type of bread would go well with this – so whatever rocks your boat.

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bowl of Zucchini yogurt (kadoo borani) on tray with sangak bread and grater – behind the scenes of Persian food blog

Sangak bread’s priceless cameo | Behind the scenes of kadoo Borani, Persian food par excellence


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  • nima 1 year ago Reply

    I’ve used shredded raw zucchini in salads before (like green salad, or any other type). Kadoo borani, not yet. Will surely give it a try. On a side note, it’s fascinating to see how different people use different names for the same food. I usually say mast-o laboo and borani-ye esfenaj.

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