5 Easy & Yummy Summertime Recipes | Persian Style

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5 Simple Persian Summertime Recipes

What to eat when it’s too hot to cook?

This recipe roundup is a retrospective collection of  5 Persian yummy, healthy and super easy summertime recipes that require zero to little facetime with the stove. And guess what? They’re all vegetarian recipes & a couple of them are even vegan.

Summer cooking made fun and easy. Beat the heat with these chill Persian treats!

1. Deconstructed Watermelon Sandwich

watermelon breat feta cheese mint walnuts make Persian deconstructed watermelon sandwich

Deoncstructed Watermelon Sandwich is light, yummy & perfectly chill | Persian Summer Food

“Noon’ o panir’ o hendonneh,” or  “bread and cheese and watermelon” is a traditional Persian summertime fare.  This fabulous free-spirited deconstructed watermelon sandwich — unencumbered by the tyrannical bonds of bread — requires no cooking; is super simple to assemble; and it is light, healthy, refreshing, and addictively tasty.

TIP: Make sure that the watermelon is completely chilled.  Warm watermelon is like a bad kiss — it just makes you sad, and why bother?

Click for Deconstructed Watermelon Sandwich’s Chill Post & Recipe (vegetarian)


2. Salad Shirazi | Summertime Salad

Salad shirazi, a combo of diced onion tomato cucumber food styled in a bowl

Cucumber tomato onion and lemon food styled for a Salad Shirazi Persian food blog post

Salad Shirazi elevates the simplicity of its ingredients. Alchemy? Perhaps!

Shiraz is a magical city steeped in history, poetry, and beauty. Maybe that’s why Salad Shirzai somehow manages to elevate the perfectly pedestrian affair of an ordinary cucumber, tomato, and onion salad into something extraordinary.

Tip: Dice the cucumber, tomato and onions the same size.  Uniformity of the ingredients’ size is a key part of the texture, and texture is a key element of how this so very simple salad is so very wonderful.

Click here for Salad Shirazi’s elevated post & recipe (vegan)

3. Cucumber & Mint Yogurt Soup | Mast ‘o Khiar

Persian cucumber Mint Yogurt in a blue bowl sprinkled with mint & rose petals

The Persian combo of cucumber with yogurt is simply delicious & artfully bewitching

I personally am a devotee of the Iranian custom of enjoying a side of yogurt with most dishes and this classic cucumber & mint yogurt concoction — fragrant and creamy and crunchy — takes it to the next level. So simple, so good. Served year-round as a side dish, the Persian cucumber & mint yogurt “soup” is a particularly perfect summertime recipe for the dog days of summer.

TIPS: Add raisins and walnuts to make it a heartier fare. Sprinkle mast’o khiar with a Jackson Pollock flourish of dried rose petals for uber sensory charm.

Click here for Mast ‘o Khiar’s sensual post & recipe (vegetarian)

4. Persian Cantaloupe Slushi |Paloodeh Talebi

Persian Cantaloupe Slushi or paloodeh in a bowl with a cute spoon

The Persian Cantaloupe slushi — A chill charmer

Think of Paloodeh Talebi – a Persian summer drink — as a cantaloupe-cooler or slushy. Paloodeh Talebi is invigoratingly refreshing and spectacularly easy to make. Isn’t that beautiful?

TIP: Thoughtfully sip this super simple yet magically delicious concoction while marveling at your marvelous fate.

Click here for Paloodeh Talebi’s post & recipe (vegan)

5. Charming Apricots | Maloos Zard Aloo

cooked apricots garnished with mint - Persian dish recipe

Cook those apricots! A simply charming Persian fare for hot summer days

A genius no fuss no muss summertime Persian dish called: Charming Apricots. Recipe passed on from my grandmother to my father then to yours truly. Prepare to be charmed!

TIP: If you ever have one too many apricots and want to make your belly happy but also want to exit the kitchen fast, this recipe is for you.

Click here for Maloos Zard a’loos genius heirloom recipe (vegan)

So there you go! These were some of my tried and true go-to recipes for those hot summer days when you literally can’t stand the heat in the kitchen.

Feed the hunger and quench the thirst with these yummy and classic Persian summertime recipes that save you from the tyranny of hot stoves and ovens.

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melon red fennel grater and knife on patterned tray

Chill in the summer with these cool Persian recipes.



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