Seasons Greetings from Fig & Quince + Mac Ghassem

Old Mac Ghassem (also known as Mashdi Donald) and his coddled pishi kat Meeyou and the rest of his cute critter-menagerie join Fig & Quince (and 7legs) — in this very special time of year — with a heartfelt and bellowing chorus to wish you all:

Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year.

Let’s all sing along together now (to the tune of ♪ Oh, Old MacDonald Had a Farm E.I.E.I.O ):

With a woof woof woof and a cluck cluck cluck and an oink oink oink and a meow meow meow and a Perzh Perzh Persian and a neigh neigh neigh here and a baa-baa-baa there, here a cluck, there a woof, here an oink, everywhere a baa, here a Persian or two, and there a MEOW … Ooooh …




La la la la la LA! ♪





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Comments (21)

  • ladyredspecs 10 years ago Reply

    Gorgeous Azita, your post bring a smile to my face, and this one is no exception! Warm greetings for the festive season, 💐

  • Just fabulous…best thing I’ve seen….Happy Christmas

  • talkavino 10 years ago Reply

    Very cute! Love the animations! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Azita!

  • Gather and Graze 10 years ago Reply

    Love it – very clever! Wishing you and your family much health and happiness over the festive season and into the New Year, Azita!

  • Susan Edelman 10 years ago Reply

    You are a special person! This is my favorite! LOVE it. Happy Holidays!!

  • apuginthekitchen 10 years ago Reply

    Oh Azita, your talent never ceases to amaze me. The animation is adorable, EIEIO!!! Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my dear friend!!

  • Melissa Brody 10 years ago Reply

    Happy Holidays Azita!

  • Amanda 10 years ago Reply

    Happy Holidays, Azita! This is so beautiful. How in the world did you do that? You’re so talented! Looking forward to reading all your posts in the new year!

  • lizzygoodthings 10 years ago Reply

    Happy holidays to you also Azita xo

  • tastytreats13 10 years ago Reply

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

  • Pretty, Azita! Happy holidays, Shanna

  • ChgoJohn 10 years ago Reply

    A wonderful, creative post, Azita. Wishing you the best that this Holiday Season has to offer!

  • Nima 10 years ago Reply

    Happy 2014 Azita! Quite an Impressive blog you have here 🙂

    Fig & Quince 10 years ago Reply

    Mersi mersi Nima jan, lotf dari va thank you for visiting it and if you ever feel like writing a guest post, please let me know, I’d be delighted!
    Happy 2014!

  • vicentesf 10 years ago Reply

    Merry Christmas, Azita!!! 🙂

  • The Novice Gardener 10 years ago Reply

    How did you do that? How wonderful and so much fun! Happy Holidays, Azita! Love & hugs, Angie.

    Fig & Quince 10 years ago Reply

    Magic! ;D Love & hugs back at you Angie xoxoxo A

  • laurasmess 10 years ago Reply

    Naw, so lovely Azita! Your characters are gorgeous 🙂 Merry Christmas (a bit belated, but anyway!) and happy new year to you and your beautiful family, love xx

  • Petit World Citizen 10 years ago Reply

    Fantastic and brilliant! So lovely!!!!! Happy Holidays Azita. May 2014 be filled with lots of happiness, love, laughter, peace, and anything else your heart and soul desires!

  • Francesca 10 years ago Reply

    You never stop to amaze me, Azita! Your characters are crazy gorgeous! I wish you and your beautiful, sweet family a lovely holiday season and a peaceful and successful 2014! 🙂

  • Mary Frances 10 years ago Reply

    This is too cute! Happy 2014!

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