Have some ash ‘e reshteh with Ahu & Azita & Abraham Lincoln!

Hi everyone! My lovely friend Ahu (of Ahu Eats) and I want to break bread with you! You heard right! We want to meet you, gab, and go grab a hot bowl of ash ‘e reshteh or abghusht from the famed Taste of Persia kiosk at the Union Square Holiday Market, then gab some more, mix and mingle, and spread some Christmas and muli-denominational holiday cheer!

WHEN: 11 a.m – 1 p.m, Sunday December 21st (which happens to be the eve of the longest night in winter, which in Iran we call ‘Shab ‘e Yalda‘ & celebrate. Stay tuned!)

WHERE: Let’s meet in front of Abraham Lincoln’s statue in the park and bask in Honest Abe’s beautiful presence until everyone arrives. (Aside: Lincoln is my #1 most favorite U.S. President — albeit with some stiff competition by Thomas Jefferson & F.D.R. I have such a soft spot for Abraham Lincoln, I can’t even begin to tell you. Well, actually, I do want to tell you about it, and in the context of food, but some other time.)

WISH: I wish that all of you lived nearby or that there was a way to ‘beam you up Scotty‘ to Union Square Park in New York. (Technology: get with it!)  Those of you who are local, I hope you can make it. Come, bring your friends, and let’s party!  [Please RSVP in the Facebook invite here.]

Boos boos,

Your faithful blogger

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Comments (24)

  • RMW 8 years ago Reply

    Wish I could step into the transporter and be there!

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    WISH you could!!!

  • Ginger 8 years ago Reply

    Sounds absolutely wonderful! I’ll be there in spirit – thanks for bringing some light into these dark nights with your lovely invitation 🙂

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Awww! what a lovely way of putting it, thank you!!!

  • Sophie33 8 years ago Reply

    This sounds very cool, What a lovely idea,…I wish that I lived closer,…

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    IF ONLY! If you did, I would personally come and grab you anyhow

    Sophie33 8 years ago


  • ladyredspecs 8 years ago Reply

    If only…….i’ll be there in spirit. Have a wonderful meet up

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    While you’ll be there in spirit would you mind bringing some salmon roe sushi and other culinary delights of yours with you?

  • apuginthekitchen 8 years ago Reply

    What a great idea Azita, love it! Unfortunately I am working on Sunday. Love ash a reshteh!!

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Oh bummer! Was holding out hope you might be able to make it. Another time!

  • Wish I had wings, to fly over there.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Wish you did too and that you had room under your arms to tuck pishi joon too! xoxo

    I think Pishi is working on her wings as well. Purr, purr.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago

    naz basheh! na’zi na’zi

  • laurasmess 8 years ago Reply

    Awwww, I feel exactly the same as the previous commenters. I wish that I was close enough to come along! I hope that you all have an amazing time of catching up and eating… and welcoming the last week of 2014. Sending you hugs and love (p.s I adore that graphic!) xxx

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    I am not kidding when I wrote that I wish we had a magical transporter! Wish you could!!! xoxo

  • Bizou 8 years ago Reply

    I’m sure it’ll be a lovely event. I wish I was there to enjoy shab-e Yalda with you. Enjoy every one & as always noosh-e jon.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Jat khalli khahad bood! A LOT! <3

  • Amanda 8 years ago Reply

    Dude. I think I’m actually in. How crazy is that? I’ll pull myself out of bed (late night party the night before) and work the hangover off with Persian food.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Are you serious???? WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! 🙂
    So happy, Amanda! Yay! Where’s a bottle of Champagne I can pop to celebrate? Can’t wait. You’ll also really enjoy meeting Ahu. She’s wonderful. <3

    Amanda 8 years ago

    Aww..Yeah I totally think it would be a good opportunity to meet up at a midpoint. I’ll keep in touch if anything changes, but why not have a bowl of something warm together with the best Persian guide there is?!

  • Fae's Twist & Tango 8 years ago Reply

    Have a great time Ladies!!! xx Fae.

  • Such a lovely idea Azita – you know that I’d be there if I could! Enjoy your time in the Park on the 21st! M.xx

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