Beehive to the Zig Zag Girl’s Rescue


Let the record show that I enjoy writing. Always have (since I was a wee little thing) and probably always will (till I’m a cranky ol’ person.)

However, there’s nothing on this God’s green earth that I find more stressful than writing things like an “about” section, a bio blurb, cover letter, or worst … the juggernaut of dread: a resume. YIKES! The mere mention of the word itself is enough to make me break into profuse beads of sweat. (By that of course I mean, glowing perspiration, as we all know that refined ladies comme moi do not sweat. All evidence to the contrary not withstanding.)

It doesn’t help either that I’ve made zig zag explorations in my career choices – linear route it has not been I do confess – which makes unjambling it all a rather exquisite nightmare. Oh what a tangled resume we weave when we first practice to jump from this job to that job and that field to this

Recently, I faced the uncomfortable fact that despite my valiant push-under-the-rug efforts it was high time to polish up and update ‘ye old resume. In the midst of ensuing panic attack angst, I had a light bulb moment to ask for help instead of tackling it myself. One of my Twitter friends has started her own company writing and editing resumes, so I reached out to her and got the help that I needed. Beehive Resumes took my tangled jumble of experience and skills and accomplishments and whipped it into a nifty. organized shape — and for that stellar accomplishment, I’m grateful.

So this here’s a shout out that if any of y’all need to teach that fool of your resume a lesson or two and turn it from a slouching tiger into a roaring dragon (oy vey w/these mixed metaphors), I highly recommend you consider the services of Beehive Resumes.

This is obviously not a recipe post but if this talk of beehives has put you in the mind of honey, do check out this old honeypot turnip chestnut of a recipe re the healing properties of turnip and honey and a nifty DIY cold remedy. Also, be on your tippy toes lookout for another installment in the Drinking in Iran series and a couple of nifty recipes and other goodie posts coming your way soon.

Until then! xoxo

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