Orange you glad to see me?



[This post scheduled to publish while I’m on my Epic Trip to Iran, part 2.]

Recently I craved decluttering — a veritable urge to get rid of extra and extraneous stuff that extended not just to physical things but also my thoughts (getting all deep and philosophical on you here and progress report is that the abode of my thoughts still needs a good and proper and vigorous khoneh takooni and maybe even refurbishing) and also all the computer and digital stuff and junk as well. I don’t know about yours but my computer desktop and folders — bulging and busting at the seams — were in need of a good non-sentimental editing. The process of feng shuing my digital life has been a fun, comforting, purifying, unnerving, daunting and overwhelming endeavor all at the same time! Fraught with fussy deliberations! Is it best to save beaucoup MBs and delete a bunch of slightly different versions of a photo in a series, or do I risk ruing the day in the future where one or more of these would have been perfect and by then it’s too late and they are in that big cyber trashcan up in cyberheaven?

Mostly, in my zest, I’ve answered this modern philosophical dilemma with brutal keystrokes of destruction: control+Q! Deleting with gusto! It has not been all annihilation, however; the counterpart of the editing journey has been getting reacquainted with forgotten scribblings (oh when will I ever get to organize and purge those) and lots of photos that I really like but have never used. I thought I’d share some of the pix with you.

Hence this post. A post which may become a series. Who knows. I’m juggling way too many series over here as it is. So as this is not being entirely random, we have a theme: orange!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you going to humor me and enjoy this decluttering post? 😉

[ps To follow along my excellent journey as I travel on my second epic trip to Iran (and please do!) there’s Twitter, my personal Facebook page, Fig & Quince’s Facebook page, and Instagram .]




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  • apuginthekitchen 7 years ago Reply

    Loving all the orange and decluttering is something I need to do also.

  • thejameskitchen 7 years ago Reply

    Inspiring. Orange, fesenjoon, decluttering, tahdig and all. When do I have the time to follow your virtuous lead. My favourite photo: berries in jar.

  • wanderingcows 7 years ago Reply

    I love orange… and all warm colours. And I too am trying to de-clutter one drawer & cupboard at a time. It’s quite challenging!

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