We Showed. Now, I Tell


I’m rather proud of what my mother and I accomplished in a very short time (with a good bit of moral and actual support from my father – including his integral stint as a sohan ‘e assal sous-chef.) I have to say that we were studious, we were organized, we were enthusiastically energized, and we were delighted to take part in the Children of Persia’s 9th Annual Walk event. There were many favorite moments, but the highlights of the day were seeing dear & cherished family friends , and meeting some really nice people and making new friends.

I wish I could write more (lots & lots to say) but alas there are more deadline crocodiles to be wrestled with (dammit, let’s hope I survive) and sweet sweet sleep beckons as well. I do want to give a shout-out to my wonderful blogging community for your amazing support. Thank you & I love you! Wish you all could have been there. And: I hope to catch up with your blogs soooooon! Until then, I leave you with this image of a still life with black grapes:

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Comments (33)

  • Your table looks beautifully organised,and I am sure everything on display tasted heavenly
    Really glad the event went perfectly well 🙂

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    It’s such a relief now looking back, when it’s all done and went well. Thank you dear Sawsan. By the way I pinned your twist date bread and it’s proving to be super popular, which: no surprise!

  • lovely, I wish I’de been there to buy you something (I love the books <3)
    looks like you really had a wonderful time 🙂

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    ah, if only, I’d have loved for you Lou and all the lovely people I know online to have been there.

  • Sophie James 8 years ago Reply

    I love the idea of wrestling with deadline crocodiles…and congratulations on such a fantastic display. Wish I could taste. Sophie

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    ha ha, thank you, I kind of crackled at that imagery as well, even though crocodiles terrify me to no end

  • apuginthekitchen 8 years ago Reply

    How wonderful I love the jars of torshi, and look at Mom and Dad manning the table. Why don’t you organize one of the events in NYC? Looks just fantastic a great cause and fun for all.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Oh Suzanne, if only I could. I barely made it out alive at just participating, but that IS a good idea, food for thought, to consider organizing such an event here. The torshi sold out or would have saved you a jar.

  • leduesorelle 8 years ago Reply

    Not quite as fun as being there in person but wonderful all the same — congratulations!

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    it’d be delightful to one day sometime encounter in real life!

  • mycookinglifebypatty 8 years ago Reply

    Such a creative project for a great occasion! Really enjoyed seeing what you and your family are up to. Didn’t know you had books, too!!!

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Oh yeah, we do have books! And more are in the works too. I’m so glad to see your smiley face icon here Patty and thank you for this wonderful comment.

  • Middle East Moments 8 years ago Reply

    Your stall and products look fantastic. I love the labels that you created – very artistic and creative. I wish that I could buy some of the pickles!! 🙂

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Thank you! I wish you could have tasted the pickles too. The pickles sold out and kind of fast. My mother made all of it so I feel safe in saying that they were really good! I’ll post recipes sometime soon.

  • chagrinnamontoast 8 years ago Reply

    What a beautiful stall! I wish I could have been there to buy up all your sundries.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Oh, it’d be so fun and nice to see you one day!

  • Francesca 8 years ago Reply

    Everything looks wonderful! I love the picture with your parents. They are so cute! I’m so happy that the event went so well. You did a fantastic job, Azita! 🙂

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Mille grazie cara Francesca!

  • ahu 8 years ago Reply

    Well done – everything looks amazing!!!

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Woo Hoo, thank you Ahu!

  • Gather and Graze 8 years ago Reply

    Your stall and products look wonderful Azita! Very pretty labels… and can just imagine how delicious the pickles, brittle and trail mix were! Sounds like you had a fabulous day.

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    It was a fun day that I’m happy to have be behind me! 😉

  • fermentfusion 8 years ago Reply

    The stand is as beautifull as your pictures: such hard and intelligent work! I wish I could try those Iranian torshi…congratulations!

  • Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Thank you! I’ll post the recipes? Next best thing unless you do come and visit!

  • spicebox travels 8 years ago Reply

    How amazing and impressive! Looks like a wonderful and meaningful event, brava!

  • radhika25 8 years ago Reply

    Azita, I wish I were there! I love your cute jars and the adorable labels- and can only imagine how delicious the contents were!

  • bentehaarstad 8 years ago Reply

    Wish I was there! 🙂

  • Sophie33 8 years ago Reply

    Your stall looks so cool & your home-made products veryinteresting & delectable too! I also,love your fig & quince print outs! 😉

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much Sophie joon!

  • Fae's Twist & Tango 8 years ago Reply

    I really enjoyed going through this post… a beautiful cause.
    Lovely to see Mr & Mrs Houshiar (where is Felfeli, connoisseur of Persian cooking?). Is that you on top middle photo? I notice your fig and quince on the bench! 😀
    Congratulations for publishing a new book (Rock Scissor Paper).
    Indeed lots of excitement and energy going on in your life! Marhaba!

    Fig & Quince 8 years ago Reply

    Monsieur felfeli had his academics pursuit to consider and did not attend, alas! Ha ha. Leave it to you Fae to notice the fig & quince on the bench! You are: magnifique! & re everything else: thank you!!!!! <3

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  • […] For our goodies we offered: Persian mixed trail (ajeel); Persian honey almond saffron brittles (sohan ‘e assal); and 3 types of Persian pickles (torshi.): 1) mixed veggies pickles (torshi makhloot); 2) eggplant pickles (torshi ‘ye bademjoon); and 3) grape pickles (torshi’ ye angur.) The pickles were the first to go, and fast! Everyone loves a good torshi. […]

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