Farhang Foundation’s 2016 Nowruz Banner Contest!

I have long been a HUGE fan of Farhang Foundation — I absolutely love how they represent and promote the culture of Iran with heart and passion and wit and soul and exquisite taste — and was thus beyond proud and thrilled when I won their 2015 Nowruz Banner Contest. An honor that continues to give me goosebumps! (Thank you Mr. Ardekani and the entire Farhang Foundation founders and team & Nowruz Committee!)

And guess what? Farhang Foundation’s 2016 Nowruz Banner Contest — calling on aspiring and veteran graphic artists to submit original designs that conceptualize Nowruz (the Iranian New Year) or some other aspect of Iranian culture — is now in progress: open to the public at large and to artists worldwide! This is such a golden opportunity! The winner gets their design displayed on banners all over Los Angeles throughout the month of March and more importantly, gets to be a part of the glorious history of this amazing cultural foundation. Deadline for entry is September 1st. Hurry up and enter and make sure to spread the news of this fabulous opportunity to your friends and family and all your peeps as well!

Good luck!!! موفق و پیروز باشید!

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  • Banafsheh 7 years ago Reply

    Congratulations Azita jan. I hope you will win the 2016 contest as well.

    Fig & Quince 7 years ago Reply

    Oh no, Banafsheh joon, I’m not entering again. I didn’t mean to make this post about moi … it’s really about the contest that is now ongoing till September 1st! Do share the info with everyone you know! 🙂

  • Azita joon, I wish you would be part of it again, because I think you are the most talented Iranian artist, so much to offer of your amazing art work.

    Fig & Quince 7 years ago Reply

    Sharmandeh hastam as we say in Farsi, or in modern speak: Blushing! Thank you Cornelia joon!

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