Mehregan | Persian Autumnal Festival of Thanksgiving & Love


This is another teaser post! As in, I’m teasing you with what’s to come! That is:

A grassroots effort by a veritable tribe of us Persian food writers (from across the globe) to bring to you a recipe-roundup in honor and celebration of Mehregan, the ancient Persian autumnal festival of thanksgiving and love! Doesn’t that sound exciting and delicious? The participants are talented and passionate and the Persian festival of Mehregan itself is intrinsically pretty and interesting; so I’m optimistic that this will prove to be a major treat for us all! Stay tuned as we blast off our Mehregan Persian food recipe posts on October 9th! Won’t you? (Hashtag Mehregan2014 if you want to play and follow along!)

What do I have in store for you in my Mehregan recipe post, you ask? Well, You’ll have to wait till Thursday to find out, but, I will drop some major hints by name dropping some of the ingredients: plums, prunes, noodles, Persian-style caramelized onions (piyaz dagh), walnuts, rice, a peacock, raisins, rice, and everything nice. And if you just raised an eyebrow, that’s good, I was just testing to see if you were paying attention!

I can’t wait to share my Mehregan post with you and I’m so looking forward to reading all the other writers’ posts for their insight, research, and delectable recipes for toothsome Persian treats. There’s going to be so much good cooking!

And you know what? I’m just so happy that thousands of years later and an ocean away, here we are, a bunch of us Iranians (hyphenated or half as we may be) paying homage to, exploring, and sharing our ancients roots, farhang and heritage. This is a heritage rooted in ensaniyat (humanity) and eshg (love) — as I partially quote a brand new and already very dear friend — and as such, I hope you will find it something that’s not just waxing nostalgic by “others”, but a celebration of the universal themes of  beauty, bounty, thanksgiving, respect and reverence of nature, and love – things that bind, unite and nurture us all.

Khoda Hafez till our delicious Mehregan rendez-vous on Thursday October 9th!


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